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We offer a range of tiered support plans to suit your network, business and budget, delivering everything from pay-as-you-go break-fix services to fully managed plans that deliver your own, outsourced IT department.

PrePay & PrePay Managed Plans

Reliable pay-as-you-go IT support and the option of managed services: our PrePay Plans are ideal if you need expert support, but don't want the commitment of a fixed monthly overhead. Simple, flexible and cost-efficient, they give you access to prompt and professional support and advice when you need it.

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You need your IT to perform reliably and to peak capacity. But you don’t want your non-IT staff devoting valuable time and effort to  troubleshooting or to pay for support you don’t need or use. Our PrePay Standard and PrePay Managed Plans provide an answer: delivering expert, pay-as-you-go support for a competitive per-minute cost coupled with the choice of bolting on proactive managed services for added peace of mind.

PrePay Standard

With our PrePay Standard Plan, you get the IT support you need without the commitment of a fixed monthly overhead. Simply purchase prepaid 10- or 20-hour time-blocks of support and use them when required, with our time charged out on a per-minute basis. Features include access to our 1st Line Support Desk during business hours, 2-hour or 4-hour attempted remote fix or workarounds for critical server and all other issues respectively and quarterly management reviews.  Plus, you can opt for additional support, bolting on options such as access to our Extended Hours 24×7 Support Line and Emergency Response cover. It means you get the support you need, paying for it by the minute so you never pay for help and assistance you don’t use.

PrePay Managed

Our PrePay Managed Plan takes IT support to  the next level, adding a full suite of managed services to the core, pay-as-you-go services provided by our PrePay Basic. As well as  purchasing prepaid  time-blocks of support from our 1st Line Support Desk, you get regular onsite server maintenance, scheduled engineer visits and remote 24×7 server monitoring  to give you the certainty that your  mission-critical systems are running as they should, with these proactive services charged at a fixed monthly fee.  In addition, you can add extras such as Extended Hours 24×7 Support and remote workstation monitoring for an additional cost.

Managed Support Plan

Our Managed Support Plan works like your own, outsourced IT department. Ideal for businesses without an internal IT resource or those seeking extra support to reinforce their in-house IT teams, it provides a complete suite of managed services for an all-inclusive monthly fee, enabling you to call on our support time and time again without escalating costs.

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Wave goodbye to IT worries with our premier Managed Support Plan. Comprehensive and flexible, it delivers the ultimate in IT support, providing a package of proactive, managed services  to keep your critical IT systems performing smoothly, all for a fixed monthly fee that enables you to plan ahead and leverage maximum value from your IT network.

Key elements include out of hours server maintenance to keep your servers functioning at peak efficiency, plus onsite maintenance visits to build our knowledge and understanding of your network and uncover user issues before they’re reported. Plus, you get all our standard support services, including 2-hour and 4-hour attempted remote fix and workaround of any critical server and other issues respectively.

Other benefits include remote, round-the-clock server monitoring for early fault diagnosis and resolution,  and full  reporting and review processes to  keep us up to speed with your systems, find problems before they escalate, explore any issues and tailor our support to meet your evolving needs. Plus, you can scale up your support , adding access to our Extended Hours 24×7 Support Line, reduced-charge Emergency Response cover and other extras for an additional charge. It’s a complete one-stop solution that takes care of all your key IT support needs  transparently, expertly and efficiently and with no hidden costs to give you absolute peace of mind.


IT Manager Support Plan

If your in-house IT manager or department needs extra help, our IT Manager Support Plan delivers, working to supplement your existing IT resources either on a continual basis or during busy periods, holidays or periods of sick leave. Providing direct access to our senior-level 2nd Line of support, it's a targeted professional package for businesses seeking additional, specialist IT support on demand.

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With our IT Manager Support Plan, you get the high-level IT support your in-house IT team  needs, whenever it needs it, for a fixed monthly fee, helping to free up your IT experts to concentrate on vital tasks and giving them the additional resources  to deal with workload spikes, special projects, holidays and other periods of staff absence.

As well as our standard support services, including 2-hour and 4-hour attempted remote fix and workaround for critical server and all other issues respectively, the plan gives you  direct  access to our  senior 2nd Line team of engineers to  facilitate faster problem resolution, along with  reduced hourly fees for our optional Extended Hours 24×7 Support Line and Emergency Response services. In addition, we provide active monitoring of manufacturer support  on your critical hardware, the services of a dedicated Technical Account Manager and biannual reviews to discuss any concerns and ideas and tailor our support to your changing needs. And if you need an additional layer of support , you can purchase prepaid pay-as-you-go time-blocks of assistance and add true 24×7 assistancewith our Extended 24×7 Support Line option  for an extra monthly fee.

ServerSight Monitoring

Your servers are essential to your operations, so waiting for problems to occur isn’t an option. Our remote monitoring puts you one step ahead, acting like an early-warning system for any potential problems or defects. Pro-active, preventive and powerful, it’s the key to total peace of mind.

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With mission-critical servers, you need to diagnose potential problems and faults before they escalate into costly downtime or result in high equipment repair or replacement costs. Our ServerSight Monitoring automatically checks server performance so you can take remedial action before these worst-scenarios happen.

Server health-checks are run every 15 minutes to ensure everything from performance, service, anti-virusware, storage and disk space are operating fully and successfully. Our status monitors then alert us to any unusual activity or issues, enabling speedy diagnosis and fast resolution of the core problem to reduce impact, downtime and costs for your business. Used alongside our PrePay support package and included in our Managed and PrePay Managed support plans, it’s an extra layer of proactive maintenance that builds visibility and additional resilience into your key business processes.

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