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We offer a wide portfolio of value-added IT services, from professional network assessments to high availability solutions to help you control costs and provide maximum uptime for your people, whatever your IT environment.

Network Assessment & Services

Whether you want to overhaul or expand your infrastructure, start from scratch or upgrade a part of your IT architecture, we have the skills to help, whatever your vendor preference. Our free Network Assessments provide you with an objective second opinion and first step in building an effective internal IT strategy for your business.

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Servers, PCs, software, routers, switches, email, firewalls, printers and more – every part of your network should be pulling with your business: supporting and expediting your day-to-day functions while giving you the agility and scope to change and grow quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Our highly qualified engineers have vast experience in assessing differently configured, mixed-vendor networks. We use this know-how to conduct an objective review of your entire infrastructure, assessing its design, performance and resilience and measuring how well each of these capabilities can meet your organisation’s current and future requirements.

Depending on our findings, we’ll then make a set of impartial recommendations on the best avenues forward in terms of effective changes and enhancements. And from there, depending on your needs, we’ll set to work, making the improvements your network needs using products from best-in-class vendors so you can leverage new efficiencies and add value throughout your organisation. Whatever the project, our aim is simple: to deliver the flexible, high-performance network you need to optimise uptime, control costs and turn your business plans and goals into reality.

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High Availability Solutions

Your IT systems are critical to your processes, customer relationships and revenue generation. Our High Availability Solutions ensure your key infrastructure is always accessible, helping you to keep working, 24x7. The result is a more robust and productive business buffered from downtime, risk and every eventuality.

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Server failure or site disasters such as fire can have severe impacts on any business: expensive downtime, catastrophic data loss and slow-burning reputational damage. Yet many companies fail to appreciate the potentially devastating immediate consequences or fully register the drawn-out recovery timeframes that might be involved until a crisis strikes.

Our High Availability Solutions build vital resilience into your mission-critical systems, helping to keep your business running and earning revenue without interruption, no matter what the world throws at your organisation. We deploy the latest VMware and HyperV virtualisation technologies, consolidating individual servers and systems onto a secure virtual platform to optimise the flexibility and availability of your services. These innovative virtualisation solutions reduce your dependency on hardware, ensuring your core infrastructure is always accessible so you and your people get the certainty of continuous access to key data and applications.

We’ll start by analysing the weak points in your infrastructure before delivering the best virtualisation solution for you at, providing everything from design through to installation and management according to your needs.

Find out how vulnerable your business is to IT disruption with a free risk and capability assessment.

Disaster Recovery & Backup Service

Can your business continue running whatever happens? Is your data securely backed up? Our disaster recovery and backup solutions help restore operations fast if crisis or catastrophe strikes. We’ll ensure you can reach critical data and recover use of key equipment as rapidly and easily as possible, ensuring you get back to business within hours, not days.

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Server breakdown, fire, security breaches, simple human error – all have the potential to suddenly disrupt your access to data services and bring your day-to-day operations to an unexpected halt. Our Disaster Recovery and Backup Service (DRBS) provides robust and certain protection in crises such as these: enabling rapid server recovery and fast retrieval of your data when all seems lost and all for a fixed monthly fee.

Stage one is a feasibility assessment to establish your current recovery times, which for many businesses can be days – timeframes which are simply not feasible in today’s competitive business environment. Having identified these timelines, our highly qualified and experienced engineers will then implement a solution on your chosen servers, automatically replicating your data both on-site and off-site in one of our secure data centres to provide you with a double level of protection and ensure the shortest possible recovery times if disaster hits. It’s an automated, fully managed and extremely scalable solution that could help your business save itself in the event of a problem or crisis.

It could take your business longer than you think to resume operations after a disaster. Find out how long with a free backup and recovery time assessment.

How DRBS works

Our DRBS protects your business against data, server and even complete site failure, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you can restore normal operations in a matter of hours, rather than days, to safeguard your reputation and revenue streams. Here’s how it works:

> Figure 1:  Data and/or server failure. Image backups of your selected servers are made as frequently as every 15 minutes to an onsite storage device, enabling local data and server recovery in minutes.  A daily image is also created and replicated to our data centre with a minimum 30-day retention period. This enables file and folder restorations, plus full recovery in the event of a disaster such as fire and theft, giving your staff swift access to data, come what may.


Figure 2: Server or Site Failure. In case of complete server or site failure, our DRBS Extended Recovery Option gets to work, providing fast recovery via local loan servers or remote access to servers hosted at our data centre.


> Figure 3: Site Failure. In the worst scenario of complete site failure, our Extended Recovery Option allows your staff to remotely connect to your applications and data stored on loan servers at our data centre. This enables them to work from home or elsewhere while your site is unusable, protecting your business continuity, no matter what.


Cabling and Wireless Network Services

Whether you need your existing cabling tidied or improved or you’re looking to deploy a reliable wireless network, we can implement bespoke solutions to streamline your environment and increase performance. Our expert teams will conduct a free site survey to assess your current installations, delivering an impartial assessment of what’s working well and what’s constraining your business.

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Ageing cabling and wireless networks can undermine the performance of your IT network, as well as damage its consistency and security. Trident can help: restructuring or upgrading your installations so they support rather than sap your network and business capabilities, reduce risk and give you the certainty of assured regulatory compliance.

Whatever the nature, scale or locations of your current networks, our engineers will assess your existing cabling or wireless installations, diagnosing shortfalls and identifying opportunities for efficiency and innovation. Depending on your cabling requirements, we’ll then strip out complexities and install new, best-practice data and fibre-optic configurations according to your specifications, optimising performance and ensuring seamless and lowest-cost expansion when you need it in the future. And we’ll do the same for your wireless networks, introducing up-to-the-minute products that provide you with failproof and consistent coverage and performance across your sites, so meeting user demands and maximising security and value for your business.

Are your cabling or wireless configurations helping or holding back your organisation? Find out how improving your cabling and wireless networks could benefit your business with a free site survey.

Telephony Solutions

We can integrate VoIP phone systems into your IT infrastructure, converging your communications for greater flexibility and lower total cost of ownership, whatever the size of your organisation. Easier call management and a single interface for your voice, email and other communications will make your business more efficient, versatile and better connected.

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Whatever your current telephone environment, our experts will deliver a VoIP system that breaks through the barriers of traditional telephony, unifying your voice, email, mobile and other communications into a single, easily scalable platform that simplifies, accelerates and makes doing business easier, more cost-efficient and flexible.

We specialise in market-leading, business-class Swyx IP telephony systems, providing tailored solutions to match your precise needs within a lifecycle service of consultation, installation and support. Our first step is to review and evaluate your existing data and phone networks before recommending and custom designing a new system that leverages your existing technology while bringing you all the benefits that VoIP offers. The result? By enabling your people to communicate more simply, economically and flexibly regardless of location, your organisation gets to cut costs and boost its productivity and bottom line.

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Software and Hardware Expertise

Our deep expertise and partnerships with global vendors means we can advise you on the best technologies and licensing options for your business. Using our up-to-the-minute knowledge we can analyse your licensing and equipment needs and implement the most affordable, effective and compliant solutions for your current and future needs.

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Finding the right hardware and software and deploying it in the most effective ways for your business is a tough ask. Our technical expertise and accredited partnerships make us ideally qualified to provide the balanced insights and holistic perspectives you need to choose the products that will work best for your business.

As a preferred Microsoft Partner, HP Preferred Partner and Dell Enterprise Partner, we offer world-leading products and the robust expertise needed to match them to the capabilities you require. We’ll also use our comprehensive knowledge to help you navigate through the complex world of licensing. After running a licensing audit to ascertain where you currently stand, our consultants will then recommend the best route forward. Then, depending on your needs, we’ll set in motion the most beneficial and scalable licensing agreements for you, ensuring your business falls safely within all legal boundaries without being hidebound by unnecessary limitations and complexities.

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