How Trident can help your
team embrace remote working.

Covid-19 has driven many businesses to make the sudden leap into remote working, forcing them to rethink their IT interactions, processes, and security. From a world where remote staff only made up 3.6% of the workforce and 44% of companies didn’t allow remote working, a new way of operating has emerged — bringing unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

Trident has been reviewing clients’ needs during these uncertain times, helping to enable their remote staff to work effectively and securely. Using this experience, we can fast-track your business to do the same. Addressing the challenge now is vital: organisations that embrace change during the pandemic will be best placed to capitalise on the opportunities and technologies that come after it.

Here’s how we can help your staff work at home efficiently, flexibly and securely.

Working efficiently

Compare your remote working setups to best practices – Once we have looked at how your staff are working at home, we can likely make a host of recommendations for getting your business into good shape for this new way of operating. Most of these will probably be quick and simple changes that will come at little or no cost, but still deliver big differences.

Deliver home worker telephony – We can supply, in a matter of hours, business-grade telephony to dovetail with, or replace, your existing systems and provide remote users with feature-rich phone solutions in their homes. Our systems include core features such as call recording, hunt groups, call routing and reporting, and will bring your workers and office together into a single and unified solution.

Improve the remote work experience – Once your business has the basics in place, we can ensure your remote users get the best possible experience and performance from your setups and systems, and learn new technologies that will help them work in the most productive ways.

Working flexibly

Grant access to office applications to maintain business continuity – While many applications are cloud-based, most businesses still rely on services provided by local servers. We can provide secure remote access to these critical resources, enabling your workforce to easily use the applications they would normally employ in the office to keep your operational continuity on track.

Enable modern processes so staff can get the most from Microsoft 365 collaboration tools – We can provide advice and training on the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 product suite and tailor them to your needs; so modernising your processes and empowering your users to maintain a professional and competitive edge.

Working securely

Secure existing remote working configurations – Most businesses will have put security on the back burner in the rush to embrace remote working. With a few simple changes such as enabling multifactor authentication for all remote access channels to your company, we can fill the gaps and— in many cases—significantly improve your overall network security. We can examine your Office 365 security score and bring it up to standard quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to users.

Reduce the risks outside your firewalls – With remote users no longer safeguarded by your company’s firewall or other measures normally in place in your office, your business is suddenly more vulnerable. We can rapidly reduce this new risk exposure and potential for cyberattack, enabling your home workers to operate more securely and confidently.

Protect your network from home devices – Thanks to the cloud, remote workers using home devices is less of a security concern than it was before. However, unmanaged home devices connecting directly to an office network can be a significant concern: leaving your operation open to ransomware and data breaches. We offer products to mitigate the risks and protect not only your users’ home environments but your entire business network.

Back up files and folders from remote devices, OneDrive and SharePoint – With reduced access to files servers and shared drives, remote users may store company information on remote systems, OneDrive and, occasionally, home devices. Many also assume that data in the cloud is backed up—something that often isn’t the case. We will work to ensure your important data is fully and safely backed up, giving your business an extra level of protection should the worst happen.

“3.6% of the workforce
works remotely half time
or more”

Global Workplace Analytics’ special analysis of 2018 ACS data

“44% of companies
didn’t allow
remote working”

Global State of Remote Work Report (Owl Labs), 2018

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