Cryptolocker Security Audit

Defending your IT from the rising ransomware threat

IT attacks from malware such as Cryptolocker are a rising concern for today’s organisations, large or small.

The growing wave and increasing sophistication of this form of malware — known as ransomware — is alarming for the havoc it wreaks. Recent incidents such as the 2017 WannaCry strike on the NHS have shown how crippling an attack can be.

The risks

Cryptolocker, WannaCry, and other strains work by encrypting a computer’s files and then demanding payment for their recovery.
Attacks are usually triggered by the opening of malicious links, email attachments, or websites, and can quickly spread to other computers on a network via files stored on local and mapped drives.
The results range from critical data loss to major service disruption, both of which can severely damage your business operations, revenue and reputation.

From protection to recovery

Thankfully, there are ways to help prevent and limit the effects of attacks, including ongoing security monitoring, containment and the deployment of a disaster recovery plan.
Another key line of defence is educating users to be extra vigilant. Even the simple steps of ensuring they don’t share passwords and are able to identify suspicious emails, attachments, links, and websites can make a massive difference.

A disaster response and recovery plan is also vital. If your business is targeted by cyber criminals, its ability to quickly and full restore its data from backups can significantly contain potential data and financial losses.

Trident solutions

Whatever your business, Trident can help reduce the risks and ramifications with:
Security Audits: assessments of your IT infrastructure and processes, including reviews of user and password policies, to identify vulnerabilities and recommend solutions that will help elevate your security to the highest levels.
Disaster and Recovery Backup Service: our DRBS will replicate your data and servers onsite and offsite, typically enabling full recovery in hours, not days.
Managed Protection Service: we can deploy a preventative security wrapper around your IT with automatic system monitoring, anti-virus updates, patch management and more.
For more on our services or to ask about our free network assessments, please contact your Business Manager or any other member of the Trident team on 01273 662777 or at