Microsoft 365 Review Services

Our free reviews will identify quick wins and long-term improvements in the way your organisation uses Microsoft 365. The video below shows how a Trident review could help better align your subscription to your users’ needs and your wider strategy, so it becomes one with your business.

Light-touch review of your setup

Using non-intrusive methods, we will assess your current Microsoft 365 setup, evaluating its efficacy against best-practice standards. We’ll focus on how even small adjustments could improve user security, better protect your company data, eliminate licensing wastages, capture cost savings and increase your users’ understanding of the modern working processes 365 enables.


Quick wins and enduring benefits

Our reviews typically discover quick wins that will deliver immediate advantages to your users and organisation. We present these alongside our recommendations for capturing enduring improvements, and explanations of the benefits they will bring. You can share these learnings with your existing IT team or engage Trident to mobilise the suggestions you require.


Getting your security up to standard

Once any recommendations are implemented, Trident can help you build on the enhancements and equip your business to achieve the government-backed Cyber Essentials certification. Achieving this cyber security standard will ensure your organisation has effective baseline protection in place to combat the most common cyber threats and work more safely in the modern, mobile world.


The value of a Trident thumbs up

We’d love to give your Microsoft 365 subscription the thumbs-up so you know it’s exactly aligned to your users’ needs and strategic goals. To book your free review or discuss our service in more detail, contact us at 01273 662777 or or by completing our review request. We’ll be glad to help.


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