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Customer Stories

A quick review of what our customers have achieved with us

Supporting a previously self-managed client through a serious network failure

When disaster struck a self-managed client, they turned to Trident desperate for a quick resolution. We immediately assigned our expert resources to get them up and running. Trident then implemented a more resilient, scalable and cost efficient solution in conjunction with our managed support services to mitigate any future network breakdowns. A privately owned company who were a… Read moreRead less

A requirement for email efficiency offers the route to an unrivalled cloud solution

Dependent on the performance of their onsite email, a Sussex school turned to Trident for advice. Increased stability was essential for efficiency and success, so we tailored our migration accordingly. A Sussex school was exploring the possibility of moving critical Exchange services to a cloud based solution email, with the aim of increasing stability and also reducing existing… Read moreRead less

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