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A quick review of what our customers have achieved with us

Maintaining Efficiency with Trident’s Support

Providing the right support proves instrumental in staying ahead of the competition Six years ago, a local estate agent came to Trident looking for an all-encompassing support agreement to cover their 4 offices in and around Brighton. After an initial network assessment, we put forward Trident’s comprehensive Managed Support agreement as a suitable match to provide an entirely… Read moreRead less

Supporting a previously self-managed client through a serious network failure

When disaster struck a self-managed client, they turned to Trident desperate for a quick resolution. We immediately assigned our expert resources to get them up and running. Trident then implemented a more resilient, scalable and cost efficient solution in conjunction with our managed support services to mitigate any future network breakdowns. A privately owned company who were a… Read moreRead less

Supporting a charity to re-establish user productivity

Trident's expert 2nd and 3rd line support services for 38 virtual servers free up our client's internal IT team to focus on technology development, enabling them to continue their invaluable action on health and human rights. Trident was approached by a large international charity, suffering with an aging and unreliable infrastructure, to provide a review of the existing… Read moreRead less

Implementation plan wins new client

A large Sussex manufacturer engaged with Trident after our implementation plan highlighted the precise way to solve network issues, in order to dramatically improve performance, tighten security, and consequently enhance productivity. A large Sussex timber merchant with 250 users had begun to suffer serious network issues as a result of their antiquated infrastructure. Critical issues were hindering production… Read moreRead less

Network Assessment removes complexity and delivers confidence in infrastructure

A long established Chartered Surveyors were suffering a multitude of technical issues that were directly affecting overall performance. Our recommendations, along with a suggested long term strategy, has transformed day to day operations. Trident where requested to perform a network assessment so the client could better understand if and where the infrastructure was in need of work. Trident… Read moreRead less

Ingenious use of technology wins over company needing an entire server refresh

Operational issues were causing endless disruptions to service before Trident tailored a solution to simplify infrastructure and streamline office procedures both for now and future expansion Trident were one of a number of companies chosen to put forward a written proposal when a company of 325 users decided it was time to upgrade their ageing, and poorly functioning… Read moreRead less

Our engagement process uncovers unique way to tailor support agreement

A large accountancy firm in the South East found themselves without their network administrator, leaving no one managing their IT systems. It was essential they maintained consistency, so called us in for advice and some immediate support. Through the engagement process we fully assessed the company’s issues, running practices and took all their IT requirements into consideration. It… Read moreRead less

Recognising a company’s key business needs defines operational goals

A professionally designed SharePoint site keeps a large construction company from suffering disruptive operational issues. A Trident customer for over 12 years called on us for advice after being dogged with the inability to centrally manage shared template documents. Its 40 users were accessing and saving multiple copies locally or on the server and not having the latest… Read moreRead less

Engaging for a smoother migration

Thorough implementation plan eradicates any chance of unexpected downtime and facilitates a smooth transition from Windows 2003 server infrastructure to a modern cloud solution ready for all future growth. Our engagement process with a large building contractor in Hampshire began when our senior consultant went onsite to assess the current situation and precisely understand all the company’s requirements.… Read moreRead less

A hybrid Cloud based solution offers ideal availability

An established, high performing secondary school, was being held back by problematic and ageing infrastructure so needed an efficient and cost effective solution to take them forward into the future. Trident's detailed hybrid cloud proposal offered a significant boost to reliability and plans for future growth. A leading member of the Inspire Teaching School Alliance, who are in… Read moreRead less

A requirement for email efficiency offers the route to an unrivalled cloud solution

Dependent on the performance of their onsite email, a Sussex school turned to Trident for advice. Increased stability was essential for efficiency and success, so we tailored our migration accordingly. A Sussex school was exploring the possibility of moving critical Exchange services to a cloud based solution email, with the aim of increasing stability and also reducing existing… Read moreRead less

Rectifying a previously misconfigured Microsoft Office 365 migration

A Trident-tailored cloud solution restores a local Estate Agent back to full system operation after resolving the misconfiguration, which had created a network breakdown, interrupted daily operations and left business critical data with poor levels of security. Trident were recently called in by a local Sussex Estate Agent who were experiencing enormous difficulty running efficiently after a recent… Read moreRead less

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