We provide a range of support plans to suit our clients’ network, business needs and budget, delivering everything from pay-as-you-go break fix services to fully managed outsourced support plans.

01 Our Approach

Clear understanding of our customers’ support requirements demands close engagement, which is why we work hard to build relationships that matter. Our goal is to quickly and competently provide personalised support that best meets the client’s needs. Read moreRead less

02 Overview of Services

Providing support services is a corner stone of our business, we have been providing them since 1991 and have built a host of agreements and solutions designed to deliver a tailored personal service. Read moreRead less

03 Engagement Process

Successful support delivery requires the right approach to provide a consistent dependable service. We ensure this by following our engagement process to best understand and assess our customer’s needs and align our flexible support services appropriately. Read moreRead less

04 Support Agreements

We have worked hard with customers to develop agreements that form the foundation of our support service, tailored to complement existing IT resources and fully outsourced solutions, without tying clients into long term commitments. Read moreRead less

05 Help Desk

For our clients, the help desk team is the first port of call for users seeking technical assistance. Only available to customers with support agreements, the desk resolves issues remotely and manages escalation requests. Read moreRead less

06 Monitoring and Protection Service

This service is key to ensuring the best user experience. Client and Server protection is included in all of our fully managed agreements and wraps up System Monitoring, Leading Antivirus, Patch Management, Asset Inventory tools, Remote Assistance and optional Web Protection, into one easy to use package. Read moreRead less

Customer Stories

A quick review of what you can achieve with Trident

Maintaining Efficiency with Trident’s Support

Providing the right support proves instrumental in staying ahead of the competition Six years ago, a local estate agent came to Trident looking for an all-encompassing support agreement to cover their 4 offices in and around Brighton. After an initial network assessment, we put forward Trident’s comprehensive Managed Support agreement as a suitable match to provide an entirely… Read moreRead less

Supporting a previously self-managed client through a serious network failure

When disaster struck a self-managed client, they turned to Trident desperate for a quick resolution. We immediately assigned our expert resources to get them up and running. Trident then implemented a more resilient, scalable and cost efficient solution in conjunction with our managed support services to mitigate any future network breakdowns. A privately owned company who were a… Read moreRead less

Supporting a charity to re-establish user productivity

Trident's expert 2nd and 3rd line support services for 38 virtual servers free up our client's internal IT team to focus on technology development, enabling them to continue their invaluable action on health and human rights. Trident was approached by a large international charity, suffering with an aging and unreliable infrastructure, to provide a review of the existing… Read moreRead less

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