Cloud services have enabled our clients to thrive, providing infrastructure flexibility, mitigating risk and dramatically modernising employee capability.

01 Our Approach

Customers are seeing real world transformations by utilising Cloud Services. However, they aren’t right for everybody every time, which is why we offer a mix of public, hybrid and private cloud solutions. Enabling clients to achieve cloud infrastructures tailored to their needs. Read moreRead less

02 Overview of Services

As a Microsoft Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solution provider, supplying cloud services is what we do. We configure Office 365 and Azure services to build solutions and strategies for our clients’ everyday needs. List of key services include. Read moreRead less

03 Engagement Process

Cloud Services are often misunderstood, leaving clients unsure where to turn. We guide customers through the process of assessing and selecting services that are right for them by tailoring a demonstration to best show case all capabilities. Read moreRead less

04 Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is the universal, smart way to work anywhere, anytime and with anyone, colleague or customer. It offers an enterprise grade experience for any business and establishes a sustainable way to accommodate future growth or change. Read moreRead less

05 Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, offering an increasing selection of services that enable clients to provision previously on premise IT services on a world leading cloud infrastructure. Highly secure, available and with great flexibility. Read moreRead less

06 Hybrid Cloud 

The cloud is no longer a trend, rather a way of life. However, a total cloud move may not be appropriate for every company, so a combination of on premise and cloud services can be a productive solution and free up existing infrastructure in the process. Read moreRead less

Customer Stories

A quick review of what you can achieve with Trident

A hybrid Cloud based solution offers ideal availability

An established, high performing secondary school, was being held back by problematic and ageing infrastructure so needed an efficient and cost effective solution to take them forward into the future. Trident's detailed hybrid cloud proposal offered a significant boost to reliability and plans for future growth. A leading member of the Inspire Teaching School Alliance, who are in… Read moreRead less

A requirement for email efficiency offers the route to an unrivalled cloud solution

Dependent on the performance of their onsite email, a Sussex school turned to Trident for advice. Increased stability was essential for efficiency and success, so we tailored our migration accordingly. A Sussex school was exploring the possibility of moving critical Exchange services to a cloud based solution email, with the aim of increasing stability and also reducing existing… Read moreRead less

Rectifying a previously misconfigured Microsoft Office 365 migration

A Trident-tailored cloud solution restores a local Estate Agent back to full system operation after resolving the misconfiguration, which had created a network breakdown, interrupted daily operations and left business critical data with poor levels of security. Trident were recently called in by a local Sussex Estate Agent who were experiencing enormous difficulty running efficiently after a recent… Read moreRead less

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