Customer satisfaction results

This summer, we employed more engineers for our support desk, taking our technical team up to a substantial size thereby increasing capability and ticket response times. Our introduction of customer satisfaction surveys has highlighted the success of this move indicating that 99% of customers would recommend Trident’s support services to others. These surveys have been a vital tool for both measuring satisfaction levels and importantly identifying any customer concerns.

Trident’s support desk has consistently kept response times fast, with the aim that our customers receive first-rate service. The percentage of support tickets fully resolved on the initial call has steadily risen to a notable 30%, with emergency tickets responded to within 4 minutes and general support tickets responded to in under 40 minutes. We also measure the time it takes for us to answer calls to ensure all are answered in a matter of seconds.

We place a great deal of importance on our customers’ experience with us. The introduction of customer satisfaction surveys has served as a good litmus test of overall performance, and specifically Trident’s dedication to customer peace-of-mind. If there’s anything you’d like to discuss in relation to your current support contract then please do call in and speak to a member of the Trident team.