Engaging for a smoother migration

Thorough implementation plan eradicates any chance of unexpected downtime and facilitates a smooth transition from Windows 2003 server infrastructure to a modern cloud solution ready for all future growth.

Our engagement process with a large building contractor in Hampshire began when our senior consultant went onsite to assess the current situation and precisely understand all the company’s requirements. From these discussions, he carefully designed a detailed scope and installation plan to accurately outline what could be expected during the migration process.

The implementation plan included:

  • A detailed breakdown of project milestones
  • The estimated time both in hours and out of hours for each task
  • Clearly defined tasks to be completed by the client
  • Risk assessment of the level of impact each task would have on users
  • Contingency time within each phase to allow for unforeseen issues
  • Notes and comments for both client and engineer

Although the company had no previous engagement with Trident, they were so impressed with the thorough way we worked and the engineer’s detailed plan that they didn’t hesitate to engage with us. The plan provided a start to finish process giving a clear indication of exactly what would be involved throughout.

We then proposed Exchange Online as an alternative to on premise Exchange 2013 server, as it allowed them to reduce the overall hardware onsite and the associated costs such as cooling, power and maintenance.

The company experienced a smooth transition from costly hardware and soon-to-be unsupported applications, to a modern solution that has ensured ongoing productivity and removed server replacement costs.

The customer says:

  • The most important issue for our company when upgrading our email infrastructure was continuation of service. We couldn’t risk unexpected downtime, so having Trident’s detailed implementation plan allowed us to properly prepare our users for when the service would be unavailable. Communication was key throughout the project with both the technical consultant and our dedicated account manager keeping us up to date throughout the course of the upgrade. The change from on-premise email to Exchange Online was a major project with a high level of technical complexity – the transition was smooth and has given us the freedom to increase the company’s growth in tandem with the latest technology.