End of Life SQL Server 2005

Extended support from Microsoft for SQL Server 2005 ends on April 12th 2016. After this date, Microsoft will no longer release security patches or updates leaving SQL 2005 servers at significant risk.

For most, SQL server is a vital background service running the database of your critical line-of-business applications. It is common that older versions of SQL databases are maintained rather than upgraded even when new editions are released.

Retaining unsupported technology has a significant impact on security risks, compliance, compatibility issues and maintenance costs.  Newer editions of SQL server offer benefits such as database compression, data encryption, cloud integration, improved business intelligence, performance and DR capabilities.

Trident can help execute a smooth upgrade to the SQL platform of your choice if required.  To start the conversation, please contact a member of the Trident team on 01273 662777.  Alternatively email us at info@tridentgroup.co.uk