Microsoft 365 services develop so fast that it is easy for an organisation to fall behind the standard. Equally, cyber threats are here to stay and on the rise, so how can your organisation ensure its 365 services are secure and compliant whilst leveraging the best ROI?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Trident offers a no-cost review to define your security posture, identify potential cost-savings and provide a roadmap for optimising your 365 estate.


What is a Microsoft 365 security review?

Through a non-intrusive Microsoft global reader account, a Trident 365 specialist will review your Microsoft tenancy against Microsoft best-practice standards, performing an assessment specifically around the areas which are commonly identified as critical risks.

Why do we offer the review free of charge?

We recognise that a service provider needs to prove it’s worth in terms of professionalism, capability and expertise, and therefore a review enables us to show potential clients our qualities. Our aim being that if we impress and deliver value, we hope to build on this engagement and share how else we might be able to assist, with free consultancy the enabler to start the conversation.

Spot risks and capture wins

Many organisations believe they are inherently secure or simply do not have the resources to evaluate their IT posture and align it to benchmarks. Both can result in critical security gaps, reduced ROI and missed opportunities to harness technologies and quick wins. Trident’s Microsoft 365 review delivers all-important insights to help your organisation recognise and resolve security vulnerabilities, capture savings and avoid compliance risks.

What the review covers

The Trident review focuses on the areas of security and compliance to identify pain points in your 365 services together with remedial actions to enhance your organisation’s protection and performance. The review covers the following areas:

  • Licensing audit to find over-provisioning or restructuring potential that could deliver savings and enhancements
  • Advanced email and data loss protection
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access
  • Single sign-on
  • Risky users and sign-ins
  • Data retention policies
  • Device management
  • Secure Score analysis and suggestions to drive your rating

A detailed report

By setting out Trident’s findings and recommendations, the final report provides a top-level overview of your 365 environment and a way forward which can be presented if required. There is no obligation to partner or speak with Trident beyond the review and your organisation is free to consume the findings as it sees best.

We would love to hear from you

Whether your 365 estate is managed internally or via an outsourced model, Trident’s Microsoft 365 security review enables your organisation to leverage our expertise at no cost and gain a trusted professional second opinion with no commitment beyond our time to engage.  Having completed the review for hundreds of organisations, we are confident of our ability to find value through improvement, uncover risk areas and identify cost-savings that could amount to thousands of pounds per year.

Why Trident?

Recognised by Microsoft as a long-standing Gold partner and supported by our technical competencies, Trident has partnered and guided organisations across the south-east for the past 30 years.  Through the attainment of ISO 27001,9001 and 14001 standards, Trident has a proven reputation for quality. This is backed by our high client retention rates and client satisfaction, and our dedication to helping clients develop a programme of improvements to attain their desired standard and goals.


For more information or to enquire about booking a free 365 security review, please feel free to contact us.


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