Microsoft open first UK cloud data centres

As a result, British organisations within the public sector, especially those who handle sensitive data, have been more inclined to adopt Microsoft’s cloud services recently.  Among those who have migrated their IT systems to Microsoft’s cloud are the Ministry of Defence and an NHS trust.

The launching of Microsoft’s first UK cloud-based data centres for Azure and Office 365 is particularly good news for all Trident customers who deal with sensitive data, have privacy concerns and those who need to meet legal and compliance regulations. In fact, any small business who was previously unsure of the security implications of storing data outside the UK, will now be able to benefit from locally stored data and the improved performance Microsoft cloud products offer.

Trident have recently been delivering Microsoft cloud solutions, including Microsoft’s Azure, to small business owners using Microsoft’s UK cloud data centres. The advantages of these solutions are compelling against building onsite servers. They significantly reduce onsite infrastructure, and offer the possibility for reducing long term costs and increasing overall performance.

The security benefits of Microsoft’s impenetrable data centres are huge and we’ve seen many customers achieve better performance and explore exciting collaboration opportunities. If you have any questions about these services, then call us on 01273 622777 and speak to a member of the Trident team.