New Support Plans Further Strengthen Client Relationships

Last year we took great care to reinvent our support plans to benefit every different size of company. The major advantage with these formalised support agreements is the consistency of the relationship they create between Trident and our clients through regular management reviews and technical visits irrespective of company size. Every organisation demands something different from their IT but all need to experience a fluidity of process in order to eliminate any technically induced headaches.

The Trident IT Manager Support Plan, which was designed specifically for SMEs with an in-house IT department, has been particularly successful. The real differentiator here is that the IT manager has direct access to Trident’s senior technical team and there is a greatly reduced hourly rate for 24/7 support. Trident works in accordance with in-house IT managers, or IT departments during busy periods, staff absences, holidays or technical emergencies. All clients who subscribe to this plan have found this to be of immense benefit.

Our now extensive support portfolio also includes two entry-level PrePay support packages, a fully managed support contract and an improved ServerSight Monitoring plan, which delivers proactive remote monitoring for a client’s selected servers and workstations. We’ve had time to fully experience the impact of these amendments, which have not only proved to be broader and more flexible, but have highlighted Trident’s resolve to build ever closer working relationships with each and every one of our clients.

You can view our Support Agreements here.