Our Office 365 Event highlights a big change in the way we do business


Advancing technology has meant we’ve seen big changes to the way we’re working, and nowhere was this brought into sharper focus than at our recent Office 365 event in Brighton. The enormous turnout presented us with exciting opportunities to explore this innovative and very modern way of doing business. Mark Deakin and Chris Parkes from Microsoft supported us, providing demonstrations which examined the unique benefits of Microsoft’s cloud solution.


The event opened up discussions about how Office 365 and cloud migration, either partial or total, will impact on business efficiency. There was a strong emphasis on the benefits of removing on-site servers to profit from enterprise grade availability and security without the accompanying hardware costs. The different programs within Office 365 will be familiar to anyone who is already using Microsoft Office yet with significant advances, including your Office program always-up-to-date for evermore, and the added bonus of being able to install the program on up to five devices per user. The speakers detailed the opportunities for businesses that Office 365 provides.

To illustrate the change in the way we work, a recent client, Ryan Heal from the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity closed the event with a passionate speech detailing the process in which Trident had carried out their Office 365 migration. He mentioned how valuable it was that we were able to guide all his team through the transfer, moving at their pace, to make sure everyone understood what was happening. This was a vital part of their migration operation which now sees the charity functioning at increased efficiency. Of course, Trident’s objective has always been to cultivate the leading solutions for small businesses, Office 365 has made this process not only simple but incredibly rewarding.

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  • Increasingly, we’ve found the majority of client consultations involve discussing the scope of benefits provided by Office 365 forming all of the solutions we recommend in moving forward. Migrating to the cloud results in significantly reducing the need to replace hardware every five years so saving a vast amount of money in the long term. This has in turn offered Trident the chance to change the way we deliver our services and accordingly, redistribute our resources to accommodate the delivery of support packages accompanying Office 365.

    Tom Gunter, Sales and Marketing Director of Trident