04. Microsoft Office 365

As a key deployment partner for Microsoft, delivering its industry leading cloud service, we are ideally placed to offer the experience and advice needed to deploy Office 365 in the right way. Often misunderstood and incorrectly deployed by others, we work hard to ensure our clients adopt as many of the included products and services as possible ensuring they maximise on the investment and capability this service has to offer.

Office 365 has an enormous streamlining effect on both office applications and IT systems as a whole, together with the simplicity of increased collaboration. It differs from Microsoft Office in that it’s a cloud enabled, subscription based plan that includes popular Office applications along with an array of other business and creative services that boost productivity, once we’ve tailored them to a specific business.

It enables anytime, anywhere, access to emails, documents, contacts, and calendars on any device. Services can be accessed seamlessly from your desktop, notebook, or mobile phone, providing users with an always-up-to-date version of the Office applications on any platform. Included is Exchange Online, to migrate email services away from in house servers, email filtering and presence integration with Office and Skype for business.

Huge value can be leveraged from SharePoint Online, which delivers a central cloud service to collaborate with users and customers alike. By integrating business processes using Microsoft InfoPath enabled forms and workflows, SharePoint has the capability to streamline the applications and services that business use, into a central location that integrates seamlessly with all of the services delivered by Microsoft Office 365, empowering users to work in a more productive and modern way.

Office 365 is available in several plans that can be combined to deliver the best value to the customer and offer great alternatives to traditional ways of purchasing Office. Our team of experienced consultants help to determine which plan is most in line with a customer’s current and future needs. We implement that plan with minimal user impact, and then handle the ongoing administration once it is up and running.