01. Our Approach

Following our engagement process we look for opportunity to leverage public, hybrid or private cloud solutions to benefit the business. Whether that’s reducing reliance on local servers or increasing flexibility and productivity by modernising user engagement.

Commonly, customers are not ready to migrate all of the services delivered by their on premise network. However, Hybrid solutions, migrating some of the key services to the cloud whilst keeping some onsite, is an achievable reality for most.

We utilise Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, notably, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, in combination with Microsoft Azure Services to achieve this. This reduces capital expenditure whilst simultaneously providing previously unobtainable levels of security, flexibility and reliability, which simply can’t be matched by investment in on premise solutions.

Where a public service is unavailable or unsuitable, we provide, if required, privately hosted cloud solutions utilising Microsoft Azure for software that clients don’t wish to maintain on premise; still realising core benefits of a cloud solution, but one that’s totally dedicated to the individual business.

So whether it’s a complete migration of all services or just a few, we are in a great place to provide a cloud solution tailored to individual business needs.