03. Engagement Process

First we meet with our clients to understand their needs and build the service that is right for them. Typically this is done at the customer’s site so we can see first-hand the organisation we are supporting. We discuss in detail the different service offerings and service levels that are appropriate and then go through the process we follow to provide a tailored support proposal.

Our teams set about gathering the information we need using industry recognised tools and processes. The information gained from this discovery phase is critical for both the short and long-term success of our support offerings. This also includes engaging with other companies that supply software or other IT services to the client, so we can understand the support they offer and agree the required process to best work together.

We present our findings and recommendations in a support proposal, then invite clients to visit our site so we can demonstrate our support processes, enabling them to see our service in action. This is extremely valuable to provide a great insight into our capability. It’s also an opportunity to meet our in-house Help Desk representatives and the team that are assigned to the client’s account.

Once we have all the information required, we then setup the agreement and start to provide the service, including the deployment of our management tools, and arranging our proactive services such as regular maintenance, management and technical reviews.

Finally, after the first three months we review the support usage and effectiveness with the client, tweak or tailor the service as appropriate and make recommendation where possible to reduce the need for support and improve the user experience.