03. Engagement Process

We meet with our clients to plan for any immediate requirements and develop agreed long term strategies to ensure the network meets the demands of the business. Our process ensures we spend the necessary time required to clearly define this plan and agree goals of any project.

Our teams set about gathering the information needed using industry recognised tools and processes. The information gained from this complimentary discovery phase is critical for both the short and long-term planning of the client’s network.

We engage multiple networking experts within our team relying on their previous experience in building simple yet robust network solutions. We present our findings and recommendations in a documented business case and demonstrate where possible the recommended technologies.

The project is then delivered in line with the detailed implementation plan so its success can be tracked, users informed and the key milestones achieved as agreed.

Finally, an agreed schedule of maintenance, either outsourced entirely to us, or in partnership with the client’s onsite IT, is put in place.

Greater detail of our engagement process can be found here.