07. Hardware Provision

Selecting the right hardware for the requirement can be a complicated and costly process. We commonly see infrastructure that has been incorrectly specified either sitting idle or overprovisioned to the point of failure.

It is common place for IT projects to be budgeted for and provisioned in isolation, which is not always the most cost efficient policy. Our teams have had the best wins by working with clients to consider their whole infrastructure lifecycle cost in conjunction with the project in hand, to build a strategy that is both cost effective and agile.

We can’t all be hardware experts, and it’s not commonly the role of the IT manager to be up to date with all the intricacies of the latest kit. Our consultants receive regular direct vendor training, which combined with the experience of specifying equipment on a daily basis, makes them ideal to assist in finding the best options. Additionally, our close relationship with key vendors provides access to specialist resources when needed.