Windows Server 2003 support is ending July 14 2015

After July 14th 2015, there will be no further patches or security updates made available for Windows Server 2003  putting businesses still running this legacy operating system at real risk. New threats will not be addressed and numerous security, compliance and compatibility issues will come into play.

Trident has been assisting clients choose the right migration plan to remove Windows Server 2003. In many cases, we have provided server-free cloud solutions such as Microsoft’s Office 365 or infrastructure powered by Microsoft’s Azure, so taking advantage of the additional benefits these highly efficient and innovative solutions have to offer.

Servers still running Windows Server 2003 for a while longer, should at least ensure that the servers are updated with the latest service pack and updates. However, ultimately the best course of action is to plan ahead in order to ensure possible options have been evaluated and considered.

Microsoft have produced some useful information and migration planning assistance here
If you are concerned about existing Windows 2003 Servers Trident’s technical resources are always on hand to help.