Supporting a previously self-managed client through a serious network failure

When disaster struck a self-managed client, they turned to Trident desperate for a quick resolution. We immediately assigned our expert resources to get them up and running. Trident then implemented a more resilient, scalable and cost efficient solution in conjunction with our managed support services to mitigate any future network breakdowns.

A privately owned company who were a long term client of Trident’s, had recently undergone a complete change of management, precipitating an internal structural change. This in turn highlighted the need to address a number of critical issues that were causing a drastic infrastructure failure and having an adverse effect on every part of their business.

We immediately put a temporary solution in place to reinstate normal operations, utilising Microsoft’s Office 365 in conjunction with a temporary hardware solution to get our client back up and running.

We then conducted our network and support assessment, which highlighted further recommendations, and also that our client would greatly benefit from a comprehensive IT support plan with a low level of ongoing support, to ensure no future system failures.

Utilising a Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation and the latest Dell VRTX hardware solution, Trident achieved the following goals:

  • Implementation of a fully redundant hardware infrastructure
  • Consolidation of existing infrastructure reducing power, cooling and management requirements and generating a cost-saving of approximately £8-9k on IT infrastructure overheads
  • Provision of a backup solution to meet recovery goals with a comprehensive DR solution

The client required additional support services to the existing IT manager, so using Trident’s IT Managers Support Agreement. The customer now has complete flexibility to use all of Tridents’ proactive support services and access to 2nd and 3rd line support as and when required. The comprehensive plan means that the company can take advantage of a further level of IT expertise designed specifically for fast network problem diagnosis, resolution and management.

The client’s infrastructure now enjoys increased performance, stability and the potential for their planned future expansion.

The customer says:

  • Trident, with its quick response and professional consultancy, resulted in our company getting up and running quickly. The Dell VRTX solution achieved a stable robust network proving ideal for our requirements, and this in conjunction with Trident’s support services, give us peace of mind knowing they are just a call away when required.