Trident wins contract for extensive RUCKUS deployment/wireless solution

To keep their manufacturing business in the UK, a Sussex company needed to revolutionise their entire network whilst amalgamating their two existing premises. 

A radical network overhaul was required by one of our clients who needed to amalgamate their head office and manufacturing warehouse into one large site to keep them fully operational. They contacted us to discuss their network requirements, which mainly consisted of deploying a wireless solution to cover the entire 23,466 square feet of the new site. They required a complete wireless solution to allow them to utilise the all-encompassing software programme compatible with their wireless hand scanners to provide fluid data transfer throughout the site.

Requirements included:

  • To wirelessly connect all mobile devices for over 30 users
  • A Managed wireless solution to incorporate the use of essential hand scanners operating all over the site, both inside the building and outside, for loading and deliveries

Our cabling engineer engaged closely with building contractors, electricians and architects in order to fully scope the client’s requirement. After meticulous consultations with the external contractors he was able to put together a highly detailed presentation of the proposed wireless plan, which would ensure that the strength and coverage was sufficient to meet the demands of their new wireless hand-scanners.

Our deployment of RUCKUS gave a strong internal wireless capacity as well as a strong and secure external signal outside the perimeter of the factory to cover loading and off-loading deliveries coming in and out. Its embedded and patented enterprise-class technology has had an enormous impact on how the business now functions, with the client now able to enjoy an efficient workplace knowing the focus is on productivity, not technical issues.

The Client says:

‘Trident were able to provide us with excellent site coverage using a Ruckus wireless solution.’