11. CCTV Systems

Securing your business against physical threats such as theft, loss, vandalism and intrusion is as crucial as protecting it against IT attack. Physical protection also reinforces cyber security: encouraging vigilance in your people and deterring intruders who may be intent on cyber crime.
Trident can help you physically secure your business and its assets by custom-designing and installing an IP CCTV system in your premises according to your needs.

Designed to integrate with your IT network, our systems deliver high quality, 24-hour surveillance and security monitoring in locations such as entry and exit points, sensitive areas, car parks and general workrooms.

As well as serving as a visual deterrent to potential intruders, they work in two other, important ways: helping you detect threats as they progress and allowing you to run forensic reviews of incidents after they’ve occurred.

Key features include single or multi-point HD cameras to capture crystal-clear images, simple-to-manage user interfaces, and importantly, remote access capabilities that let you and other users view live and recorded images of your premises no matter where you are at the time.

Custom-designed and ready to go

Our service starts with a comprehensive site survey to analyse your premises and identify security weak points. Armed with the findings, we will then custom-design, install and deploy your CCTV to suit your needs, getting it up and running to provide you and your people with real peace of mind.
For extra security, we can also integrate your system with any existing access controls, doubling your existing protection at entry and exit points.

Maintaining CCTV performance and efficiency

Once a CCTV system is operational, it’s easy to forget about its existence until it’s needed. If a fault in the cameras or the recordings is then discovered after the event that needed recording, the whole value of your installation can be undermined.

To prevent this happening, our CCTV solutions include software that constantly checks for and then alerts either us or your organisation if they’re detected, helping to ensure your systems operate as intended 24/7.

We back this with a programme of physical maintenance to make sure your CCTV continues to meet your on-site requirements. Our experts will check that your cameras remain correctly aligned and that their lines of sights are clear, and that the areas they monitor are still valid, so ensuring that your system remains fit for purpose and that you continue to leverage full value from your investment.