10. Managed Phone Services

Traditional phones restrict your business flexibility and efficiency: tying you down to an expensive one-off capital purchase, high call charges and ISDN line rentals, and often costly upgrades and maintenance. Moreover, standard phone systems run parallel to, rather than integrate with, your IT network, so complicating and cluttering your operations and offices.

At Trident, our all-inclusive managed IP phone plans answer all these challenges head on. By carrying calls over the internet and providing feature-rich call functionality and services for a fixed monthly price per user, they offer a hassle free and cost-saving alternative to standard phones for all sizes of business.

Simple-but-smart all-inclusive phone plans

Our all-inclusive managed plans include everything from system configuration to suit your business to installation, training, updates, and troubleshooting all followed by ongoing support, hardware replacement and reconfiguration as and when they’re needed.

What’s more, they come with favourable UK and international call rates, helping your business make significant call savings. Advantages can include free UK calls, unlimited free calls to UK mobiles and low-cost international call rates.

It all builds into a smart-yet-simple end-to-end package that revolutionises your phone: enhancing caller experience and call management, reducing your call charges, cutting hassle and streamlining your IT and communications network, all for a predictable monthly cost.

We also manage the entire migration from your old phones, providing your required telephone numbers and porting from your previous system to ensure a seamless transition. In addition, we incorporate a managed backup and disaster recovery service, enabling you to fully restore key services within hours, rather than days.

Flexible plans that cut costs and hassle

Our phone plans provide a raft of wider benefits for your business, from valuable savings to improved business continuity. Benefits include:

  • Pay per user – a fixed and predictable monthly fee per user, eliminating need for a large capital outlay
  • No maintenance or upgrade bills – all support and hardware replacement covered in monthly cost
  • Scale your business easily – expand, change or downsize your phone system easily, on demand
  • Ongoing cost savings – with low UK and international call rates
  • No ISDN rental charges – with zero ISDN landline rental fees
  • Business continuity – in case of disaster such as fires or floods, your call data is safely stored and calls can be rerouted

Feature-rich systems for better calls

Together with the wider commercial benefits, our managed plans provide each user with advanced call functionality, enabling them to communicate with customers, colleagues and partners more effectively, flexibly and professionally. Each user is provided with a desktop phone, softphone (software), and headset and enjoys all these capabilities:

  • Voicemail to email conversion – ensuring they never miss the details of voice messages
  • Call conferencing for web conferences
  • Call recording for training and security purposes
  • Call routing to push incoming calls to mobiles and home phones for flexible working
  • Easy integration to business applications for full CTI capability
  • Instant messaging to ease and speed internal communications
  • Presence indication – tracking the status of other extensions
  • Call stats – letting you view real-time and historical call data for each user