06. Hybrid Cloud 

Hybrid solutions offer all the agility clients need to migrate services to the cloud as required, whilst maintaining on premise servers and infrastructure if that best suits the business need. Thus, providing a stepping stone as part of a greater strategy of cloud adoption. This offers the flexibility to keep on premise infrastructure as needed, whilst still taking advantage of the cloud services offered by Microsoft’s Office 365, Microsoft’s Azure or other cloud providers.

A great advantage of a Hybrid approach is to free up existing infrastructure to be re-provisioned for other services not yet ready for the cloud, or to free up resources for other on premise requirements.

Removing the need to purchase more equipment and migrating cloud ready services in one move, maximising the investment of existing core infrastructure and starting the process of cloud adoption.

In most cases we find that clients are not quite ready to fully adopt the cloud for all of their needs. This may be because it doesn’t offer the best solution yet or clients are looking to utilise the investment on existing equipment. We are extremely experienced in integrating Hybrid configurations, often done with little impact on users and business productivity.

So in short clients don’t have to adopt the cloud in one go but can slowly and surely transfer services that truly benefit from being in the cloud when the time is right for them.