06. Monitoring and Protection Service

For a small monthly fee per device, this service provides the protection, management and proactive monitoring that businesses need to ensure they are protected against threats. Importantly, this is delivered under a single pane of glass that our support desk manage on our client’s behalf.

We have designed this service to overcome the common problem of maintaining and managing these critical levels of protection on a daily basis. Despite the best solutions, ensuring protection levels are up to date and working effectively can be an ongoing task.


System Monitoring

Servers and workstations are monitored for potential issues, and in most cases, our support desk is alerted before issues become disruptive; saving end users from the disruption of having their systems down and ensuring security is up to date. Issues such as low disk space, critical events, service failures, backup failures and hardware issues are monitored, reported and managed.

Patch Management

Commonly, clients have in place automated patch management like Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) or Windows Update configured. These need constant attention and can be misconfigured by end users who often cancel updates not realising their importance.

Our service manages these updates for both Servers and users’ PCs, stopping end users from compromising the security and deploying these updates at suitable times to best suit the business. Our service also constantly monitors the success of these updates and instead of just reporting a failure, our support team is made aware of the problem so that they can attend to the issue quickly with the minimum disruption to the user.

Optional Web Protection

Web Protection helps protect our customers from legal liability and reduces the risk of security breaches through proactive internet access controls. Every machine is protected both in the office, on the road or working from home.

This sensible service blocks users from visiting unsafe sites, enforcing internet access polices in the workplace. Schedules can be configured to allow access to safe non-work related sites, out of office hours or at lunch time as required. White and black lists can also override category based filters to fine tune the access policy of the customer’s specific needs.

Additionally, a web bandwidth check alerts our team when excessive bandwidth activity is detected. This, combined with intelligently filtered internet activity by day, category and website, helps to reveal trends, spikes and irregularities showing relevant website data depending on data privacy requirements.


Powered by award winning Anti-Virus software, including BitDefender and GFI Viper, this product is lightweight and proven to deliver high levels of protection. No Anti-Virus vendor offers a guarantee against infection, however out of date software is the most common reason for failure. Our service’s automated update process is the best we have seen, but updates sometimes still fail, which is why our service goes that extra mile by ensuring our team is alerted of a failure so they can correct it as soon as possible.

Remote Assistance

It is common place to provide support quickly via remote control of a device. We can do this for clients via this service, which allows our team to take control of servers and client machines as required. With minimum, or in some cases, no involvement from the users but critically with their knowledge so that security is maintained. It also allows our team to perform non-disruptive operations allowing the user to continue to work whilst our team are dealing remotely with an issue.

Asset and Inventory

Our service also keeps track of the customer’s assets protected by it. Enabling our team and customers to quickly view detailed device information, assisting in the resolution of problems and providing an up to date view at all times.