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    Trident sees IT as much more than technology. We view it as a business tool: something that exists to help you change, grow and deliver more to your customers. We work with you to build the right infrastructure and systems for your goals and then we keep them running so you can run your business.


    Your network should free your people and business, not constrain them. We design, install, upgrade and support any network to give you continuous availability, great performance and the infrastructure needed to keep your business productive 24×7. You tell us your business goals, we shape your network to fit.


    The cloud changes everything. Moving your IT infrastructure from on-premise to a public or private cloud cuts overheads, reduces complexity, builds resilience and gives your business the agility to scale its infrastructure on demand. We’ll help you assess the opportunities cloud infrastructure offers and where appropriate, turn them into tangible results for your business.


    Our support services are flexible, affordable and highly focused on your needs. We provide reliable maintenance, remote server monitoring and customised IT support agreements to pre-empt problems, resolve issues quickly and keep your IT operating smoothly and efficiently.

Our Services

We can create a network that keeps your business running, ready and resilient, with network assessment, virtualisation services and disaster recovery and backup solutions that maximise your productivity and protect your systems and data.

With the cloud, we deliver infrastructure-as-a-service, reducing costs while ensuring scalability and continual availability. We’ll help you run your applications from a private cloud or public services such as Microsoft Office 365 depending on your needs.

We can keep your systems working successfully with on-site and remote IT support, advanced server monitoring and fast response times that let you run your business and give you true peace of mind.

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